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* Summary The Brother Hood (Midnight Basket Ball) & Youth Forum is design to help and teach the youth of our community more family values. We hope to teach the younger kids more about savings, and credit. The right way to prepare for a job or an interview. Overall we hope to get our community to get more involve with the younger kids. * Introduction Brother Hood is made up of a group of Business owners from around the Charleston area to include Record Labels Ceo’s, Dee Jay’s, Graphic Designers, and other powerful influential people from different communities join to see one thing and that’s to see our youth have fun, and learn that the streets is not where they need to be. Our motto is to “PUT THE TRUTH BACK IN OUR YOUTH” We feel that by allowing the youth a chance to join something positive we can gain full control of our streets again and we can at least attempt to try and stop some of the violence we are now surround by on a daily. There will be forums on educating the youth about Gangs, and other Illegal Activities that’s going on around them. We will have different speakers that will come in to speak to the youth about their life and how they have change to make a positive different to their community. * Needs/Problems We all can say that Charleston teens are more involve in criminal activities then any other age out here. The Brother Hood feels that with the help of the Dept. of Recreation we can give the youth more to look forward to then just hanging out in their neighbors or on the streets. We (Brother Hood) believe if we are allow the following things that’s listed below we can get the communities to help back us in this positive ideal. We need to be able to use a gym to have the games held at. Be able to get some shirts donated by the city of North Charleston Recreation. Be able to have

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