Brooklyn's Finest Movie Review

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Brooklyn’s Finest A Review of Ethical Systems in Police Work Traci Hann Ethics in Criminal Justice Dr.Jim Ruiz February 16, 2012 Abstract Brooklyn’s Finest has all the elements of a great teaching movie involving ethics. We encounter the Blue Wall of Silence with Eddie Dugan in one of the opening scenes. Asking him to lie, so that the city of New York is appeased in an incident, factors into what we have learned in previous classes. Also covered is corruption within the police department. Sal Procida involved with the drug world as part of his duties, has no qualms about stuffing his pockets with their money. The Ethics of Care appears in our film as well. Retired Officer Dugan doesn’t have to help the missing lady he remembers from a flyer-but he chooses to do so. Watching this movie for the second time as an ethics student was different than watching it as a non-assigned leisure activity-you learn more. Ethical Systems in Brooklyn’s Finest Examined An Analysis of the Characters We begin our analysis with whom I consider the most interesting and seemingly real-life character of Sal Procida. Sal is a 30-something cop with a family and baby on the way. I am assuming he is working vice and assisting with undercover drug buys. Sal seems to have no problem stuffing his pockets with cash and killing drug offenders along the way. This demonstration of egoism seems to be in interest of survival of his family and himself to make ends meet. Egoism refers to basic survival instincts necessary to sustain ones happiness moral obligations. (Pollock,2010) He is definitely on a path of doing what he can to benefit himself. Egoism in my own words, is putting yourself first and not worrying about the outcomes. When we look at act utilitarianism, the outcomes are the only thing examined and judged. (Pollock,2010) Sal really

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