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John A. Roebling John Roebling was born in 1809 in Muhlhausen, Germany, the son of a tobacco shop owner. His father wanted him to work in his tobacco shop, but his mother wanted him to study engineering. While visiting Bamberg, Bavaria,Roebling saw a suspension bridge for the first time, fell in love with it, and made a sketch of it. His Education Roebling studied engineering and philosophy at the Royal Polytechnic Institute in Berlin, Germany, and graduated in 1826. Four years later he emigrated to the United States to take advantage of the great opportunities that awaited engineers. He became frustrated by the lack of opportunities to build them in Germany. He moved to America in 1831, where he became known as a brilliant engineer. Upon his arrival, Roebling bought a farm in Pennsylvania, where he waited out the residency requirement for U.S. citizenship. A year after becoming a citizen in 1837, he went to work for the State of Pennsylvania as a canal engineer. t was obvious that Roebling had bridge building on his mind, for it was not long before he invested his earnings as a canal builder into the production of steel cable. Wire rope, or cable, was a recent invention, and Roebling apparently saw its potential as a bridge building material before anyone else. Other Accomplishments Roebling invented his own machinery to twist steel wire into cable. In 1841 he established a factory in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, to mass-produce cable. At first, his new product was used in the canal business for hoisting and pulling canal boats. Roebling employed it in bridges at the earliest opportunity, however, to replace the chains and rigid supporting rods then used. His first bridge project was a suspension bridge over the Monongahela River at Pittsburgh in 1846. He then opened a new cable factory in Trenton, New Jersey, and went on to design and build

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