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Paragraph 1: Eilis has been brought up to obey. Eilis goes to America because it is Rose that has provided her with the opportunity and doesn't want Rose to feel let down or disappointed because she's such an influential figure to Eilis. Paragraph 2: Eilis feels its her responsibility to always be polite and grant other peoples wishes because of being brought up in the small town of Enniscorthy where everyone conforms and are afraid to say what they think. She is also following Roses instructions. “Some people are nice," she said, "and if you talk to them properly, they can be even nicer.” - Rose to Eilis Paragraph 3: Eilis goes through with her marriage to Tony because she feels its her moral responsibility to the church. Even after having sex she still feels the need to confess. She goes back to Tony instead of staying with Jim because of the era she was brought up in it was expected of you to follow the laws of church instead of your heart. Paragraph 4: Rose takes on the role of acting as a parental figure to Eilis, offering guidance and comfort because her father has died and her mother is very self pitted and narrow minded. Rose sacrifices her freedom to provide a better life for her sister because she feels the need to be a protector. Paragraph 5: Although some other characters feel like they have a role to play towards others, some characters demand duty from those surrounded by them. Eilis mother Mrs Lacey, is very demanding when Rose dies and expects Eilis to take Roses place and do everything for her, however Eilis has grown up and is now independent, not succumbing to her mothers demands, such as wearing Roses old clothes. Miss Kelly, a local store owner is also a great example. She expects the rest of the town to want to buy from her store, however

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