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In Brooklyn, Eilis boards at Mrs Kehoe’s and starts work at Bartocci’s department store. She settles in well, but when she receives the first letters from Ireland she becomes very homesick. Father Flood suggests that she keep busy and enrols her at Brooklyn College to do a part-time bookkeeping and accountancy course. In turn, Eilis spends Christmas Day assisting with Father Flood’s dinner for the homeless Irish. In the new year, Father Flood starts running a regular parish dance to raise money for charity. Eilis attends, with the other boarders. She meets a young American-Italian man named Tony Fiorello, and they begin a relationship. Tony makes no secret of his feelings towards Eilis, but she is more circumspect. In the meantime, Bartocci’s welcomes ‘coloured’ customers into the store for the first time, a controversial initiative that invites criticism from some of Eilis’ fellow lodgers. Eilis passes her first-year exams at Brooklyn College and commences the final year. She and Tony see each other frequently; she meets his parents and three brothers, and he takes her to Coney Island and to a baseball game at Ebbets Field. Eilis receives the unexpected and shocking news that Rose has died in her sleep of a pre-existing but undisclosed heart condition. In her sorrow, Eilis turns to Tony. They sleep together for the first time and, before she returns to Ireland for a visit, secretly marry. Back in Enniscorthy, Eilis tries to support her mother. Through her friend Nancy Byrne, Eilis reconnects with a local man, Jim Farrell. She tells no one of her marriage to Tony. What starts as a harmless flirtation with Jim quickly escalates into a potentially serious relationship. Confused and conflicted, Eilis realises that she has made a mistake in marrying so impulsively, but she still cannot bring herself to tell Jim the truth. When Miss Kelly, her previous employer,

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