Bronze Age Warrior

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Throughout the history ,people chooses different persons for different jobs in the society.They distribute different jobs to different persons who has the capable of doing that job. They choose the strong and brave persons to be their protectors .These protectors are called warriors and these warriors were responsible for protecting their society from threats.The interesting think about the Bronze Age warriors is to protect their soceity, they were obliged to be away from the society most of the time. In the book of Homer’s “The Iliad” ; the warrior Sarpedon explains the situation that they are in as a Bronze Age warrior. Sarpedon is pointing out to the importance that they have in their society and he also explains how the society behaves and respects them.Sarpedon explains why they are important for their society but also he mentions an interesting point of both being a warrior and being an immortal. Sarpedon explains why they are important for their society and how the society behaves them and also he explains his own ideas about being immortal as a warrior.First of all , according to Sarpedon , society gives a big importance to their warriors and Sarpedon explains these in these words “ Glaucus , why do they hold us both in honor ,first by far with pride of place, choice meats and brimming cups, in Lycia where all our people look on us like gods ? Why make us lords of estates along the Xanthus’ banks, rich in vineyards and plowland rolling wheat? “(335,Homer).Secondly, Sarpedon mentions about how they fight.According to him, a Bronze Age warrior fights at front and fling themselves into the battle area and the king and their society can be in peace thanks to them.Moreover, Sarpedon mentions an interesting issue that he thinks if he were immortal, he would never fight on the front lines.Also according to being a Bronze Age warrior , they can win glory

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