Bronx Tale Essay

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In “A Bronx Tale” Sonny can be considered both a positive and negative influence on “C.” Sonny, being the hardcore gangster that he is, does a lot of bad things. And with “C” living just doors down from Sonny’s headquarters, experiences the bad influence of Sonny from the very beginning of the picture. As a young boy, “C” witnesses Sonny murder man just feet away. If Sonny hadn’t started treated “C” like a son the shooting may have deeply impacted “C’s” life. As the picture progresses and “C: matures and becomes a young man he again witnesses another incident in which Sonny annihilates a gang of bikers. Even though Sonny was defending his image he implicated to “C” that it was okay to hurt people. Besides the fact that Sonny is bad for the most part, he treats “C” as his own. From talking to him to giving him life lessons, the positive side of Sonny penetrates the mind of “C’ as well. Throughout the movie “C” sees a guy who owes him money and “C” would always try to catch him so he can get his revenge. “C” kept that up until Sonny took him for a walk and said, "It costs you $20 to get rid of him." Which meant the money that the guy owes “C” basically insured that the bum will never bug “C” again. Basic Sony advice like this is given to “C“throughout the picture. But the most important positive influence comes in a stairway. Sonny tells “C” to not go down his path, and not be what Sonny is. Even though Sonny was a gangster that killed people and gambled he was a good friend and father figure to “C” which molded him into the man he
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