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Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Essay

  • Submitted by: Hjoeanna1
  • on April 22, 2012
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Provide |
two |
  (2) specific examples of how your development has been influenced by the “rings,” or systems, of influence as he suggests. |
As individuals we develop a lot from our surroundings, it could be through family relationships, friendship and so much more. Urie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory breaks down four systems in which human interactions develop from childhood into adulthood. The two examples that have influenced my development would be the Microsystem and the Macrosystem. The Microsystem because my family and my religious ways have made me develop into the adult I am today. My family sees life has an open window; anything can come in and out, it’s up to the person to only let the good come in and the bad stay out. What Bronfenbrenner explains is true when he states that, “each of these interactions may range from excellent to poor” (Bronfenbrenner, 1979). Any type of relationship has it’s ups and it’s downs. |
            The Macrosystem I would say have influenced me the most all while growing up. I am from Puerto Rico, so my first language at home was Spanish. When we moved to CA. I didn’t know any English. All I knew was my cultural context, beliefs and values. Although Puerto Rico is not a state it belongs to the US. It wasn’t a complete surprise when I started school, but I did feel different from the rest of the children. |
What influences were the strongest? |
My strongest influences would have to be my family. The love and care that my family has provided me with has helped me develop into the women I am today. This is why the Microsystem is my number one influence according to what I have read about the Ecological theory. |
Does nature (our genetic makeup) or nurture (our environment) have a stronger influence on adult development? Explain. |
I believe adults strongest influence is nurture because we as adults have to follows rules and regulations that society puts in...

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