Brokeback Mountain Analysis

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In the Movie Brokeback mountain two young cowboys meet each other working, and develop a sexual and emotional relationship with one another. After they fall in love they do not see each other for four years. In that time both men have gotten married and started families. The reunion scene where they see each other for the first time since being on Brokeback is a powerful scene that conveys the amount of passion and love between the two of them. Jack twist and Ennis del Mar both developed lives separate from one another with families, homes, and jobs. One day, Ennis receives a postcard from Jack telling him that he will be in the area. Ennis responds and gives Jack his home address. The scene starts off with a close up of Ennis as he waits anxiously at the window. He is smoking a cigarette and having a beer, as he anxiously flips open and closes his lighter. The next camera shot shows Ennis’s view of the parking lot. There are a few cars and some buildings spaced far apart. The weather is dark and cloudy and there is very little green. Even Ennis’s apartment is plain looking with the walls yellow and brown and the furniture in a very tight space. A big difference compared to the vibrant, colorful, and open aired Brokeback Mountain where they first met. There is some slow guitar tabs being played in the background. Alma suggests getting a baby sitter to take Jack out to dinner but Ennis makes up an excuse saying that they are most likely just going to get drunk. Meanwhile Ennis goes to the kitchen to get another beer and lights himself a new cigarette. This shows that Ennis has nothing on his mind except seeing Jack again and that he is a bit nervous about it. The next shot shows Ennis sitting on a love seat in the living room; his posture shows that he is giving up on Jack showing up. He is slouching with his eyes closed resting his head in his hand. Alma is
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