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Lesson 5, Make a Three Column Brochure Use the following guidelines: * Single-Spaced * 0.5” (one-half inch) margins on top/bottom/right/left * Change orientation to landscape * Insert a watermark that represents Glasgow High School. This could be a logo, Scottie Paw, Scottie Dog, School books or trophies which could represent the academic and/or sports achievements we have had. * One double space between each class (Hit enter key twice) Your Assignment * Insert information in this 3-column brochure about the seven classes plus lunch you have at GHS for your freshman year. * Your seven (7) classes plus lunch * Line 1: Symbol or icon that represents that class; icon should be 1” x 1” (exact) in size * Line 2: Create a customized bullet. This line should include: Period (First, Second, Third, etc.) and Beginning/Ending Times of Class; Font Size: 14; Font Type: Times New Roman * Line 3: Create a standard bullet. This line should include: Name of Class, Last name of teacher; Font Size 14; Font Type: Algerian * Lines 4, 5, 6: Create a new customized bullet. This line should include: First name (only) of three friends you have in that class; Font Size: 12; Font Type: Your Choice (but must be something readable) * Lunch: For lunch, * On the first line put the times you go and return from lunch * on the second line insert the first names of three students you sit with * on the third line insert the type of food you enjoy eating * Total Pages: two * Create Front Cover: Title with Picture and description; Must applicable to this brochure * Create Back Cover: Closing information remembering that this column and the front cover are the most recognized for your brochure * Save as: Lesson 5, three-column brochure Remember the following: * The front cover should be an

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