Broadway Café E Buisiness Strategy

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BROADWAY CAFÉ E BUISINESS STRATEGY Broadway Café E-Business Strategy Wasim Akhtar, Aisha Hashimi, Russ McClure, Ryan Durham University of Strayer Computer Information Systems 500 Dr. Hasan September 01, 2008 The Broadway Café, E business model Broadway Café needs to develop a business plan to go by and develop a reputation with the goal of ultimate satisfaction for their customer base. The primary goals should be to provide the best quality products and exceptional customer service to have the most satisfied customers. The customers must feel that The Broadway Café is the best coffee shop to go to and have the best experience. The motto of QSC should be incorporated into the corporate culture, Quality, Service and Customer Satisfaction. For the Broadway Café I would employ a business to consumer based E business model. That way I could constantly send out information to customers about special events, new store items, products and services. E business could help attract business by developing a website that promotes the business and give valuable information about the business. The key is to first develop a website that is attractive, user friendly and provide a phone number for those customers who would like to call for additional information. The website could be advertised at the store and on all products that are sold such as coffee mugs, pens and on the packaging that is used on all of the products sold. It would help increase sales because of advertising and when customers come into the store they could get on the customer list for the Café and be informed about specials at the store and upcoming events. The metrics to be tracked on the e-business website would be as follows: the number of page views by customers, length of stay on the website, dates and times of visits, demographics of visitors, number of customers who make online purchases

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