Broadway Cafe Cohesion Case

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The Broadway Café Cohesion Case Study CIS 500: Information Systems for Decision Making Sharonda Frazier Strayer University December 11, 2011 The Broadway Café Introduction The Broadway Café is a family inherited coffee shop from my grandfather in Beulaville, NC. The café was established in 1952 and at one time, was a lucrative hotspot. The business is known for its uniquely blended coffees, teas and homemade sandwiches, soups and pastries. The café was once a thriving business in this small town, but in recent years the business has suffered a steady decline in sales. My grandfather was an expert at running his business, but he never used a computer. All of the record keeping was done manually and recipes were memorized by his employees. The café does not have a marketing strategy in place and needs to be updated. One main advantage of The Broadway Café is that it is the only restaurant of its kind in the town. Although this is the case, there is always the potential for other businesses to come in and try to gain the competitive advantage for itself. By combining the café’s specialized offers with modern technology improvements, the business will enhance its image as a well established organization as well as broaden the capacity in which it serves its customers. Part 1: Porter’s Five Forces Analysis One of the unique facets of continuing my grandfather’s café is that there is generally low buyer power. In most urban areas café shops are located on every street corner. The town of Beulaville, NC is a small with a population of 1,067 (Wikipedia 2011). The only coffee retailer within a 4 mile radius is Dunkin Donuts (Yahoo, 2011.). One way to keep this force low is the unique and specialty meals, pastries, and baked goods that are staples of the local area. A national retailer like Dunkin Doughnuts could not compete with this

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