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Business Research Methods Field Project on Image Study of Dominos vis-à-vis Pizza Hut Submitted to - Dr. Deepak Chawla By – ‘Group IV ‘ Andrew Lallawmzuala (19) Esha Mehra (20) Karthik H (21) Karthik M (22) Kavish Goel (23) Laxmikant Bohra (24) Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 Purpose of Study 3 Literature Review 4 Objective 10 Research Questions 11 Scope of Study 12 Sampling Plan 13 Questionnaire Design 13 Pre-Testing 16 Coding Scheme 17 Methods of Analysis 18 Data Analysis 19 Summary of Findings 36 Managerial Recommendations 37 Limitations of Research 38 Suggestions 39 Annexure 40 Executive Summary Since 1996, there has been a proliferation of ‘high-prized’ branded pizzas in the market, mainly due to the entry of the two big international Pizza chains - Dominos and Pizza Hut. Currently both the players share almost the same market share and are fighting for the same customer segment. This is a systematic study carried out with the objective of determining the perceptions which pizza consumers share about the two pizza giants. The study aims at generating insights about the various attributes which the customers use to make a choice about pizza joints, how the two joints fare on this attributes and tries to ascertain whether any relationship exists between the various demographic and psychographic parameters and choice of pizza joints. Introduction Until 1996, Pizza in India was synonymous with only a bready dough base slathered with some ketchup. Since 1996, there was a proliferation of ‘high-prized’ branded pizzas in the market, with the entry of international Pizza chains. Domino’s and Pizza Hut, the two big US fast food chains entered India

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