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When thinking about the relationship between celebrities and politicians, the first celebrity that comes to mind is Britney Spears. Yes, the pop icon from back in the day, whatever day that might be. In my reflection, I am referring more to the Britney Spears the world came to know when she was first starting out in her main-stream debut. That Britney (before all of the scandal and mishaps of Britney’s life that polluted the media) was young, vibrant, and full of super-star potential. She had come from a history of media attention that started at a young age, beginning with her inclusion in the Mickey Mouse Club. She had a decent voice; however, it was her appearance and persona that garnered the attention of the media and its public. Britney was a representation of a desire: her blond hair and young, sliming body brought both a desire of men to have her and women to be her. However, was this young, sexy, music artist…show more content…
Bush. Bush (sadly) remains to be the president of the United States, and has been for 2 terms in office. He, in contrast, is old, not very attractive, and overall not very bright. He, too, comes from a history of politicians, his father having also been the president of the United States. However, any positive reputation that his father had established for the bush family has been tarnished by Bush. He unlike our media’s former Britney, was not desired by the public. But it is just that personality that garners such attention from the media. Unlike Britney’s success, it is Bushes failures and blunders that have given Bush his infamy in the public eye. Even so, Bush is also playing the part. Most of Bush’s decisions as presidents are not his own, nor are any of his speeches, or even his personality. All of these aspects of Bush’s career are the influence and guidance of his informers. Bush is playing the role of a politician; he is the face of the president, but no the

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