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Key issue 1 – how strong was Weimar Germany in 1920’s * THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR (1) MARCH 1918 – german army launched attack against british and French troops in france, at first they were successful but in the end they lost -united states declared war 1917 – helped british and frecnh troops – made Germany weaker /// by late September german troops were in retreat – chief of staff erich von ludenorff informed Hindenburg and hurtling that the war was lost and the only solution was to appeal to Washington for a armistice. Usa was more than ready to negoitiate with Germany aslong as they democratised her constitution – ludenorrf used the creation of a democratic regime which weakened Germany. CONSEQUENCE – for most, german defeat came to a surprise – blockade by british meant food was very scarce – Russia was forced to make peace with Germany 1918 – this became public and the demand for peace increased – german admiralty opposed armistice and decided to persue war- ordered german high seas fleet to attach british fleet on high seas – they would not sail and declared this on 30th oct. then created a group (potential revolt), the leaders were arrested and the rest of them created a mutiny over days soilder and worker mutinees sprang up in large cities could cause a revolution shows Germany is weak REVOLTS -- (2) Spartacist revolt – the decision to hand over power to an elected parliament without first carrying out reforms led to the resignation of the independent socialists formed the german communist party (kpd) – 3rd January communist attempted to sieze power but military and freikorps supressed them. -->15th jan – rosa and karl murdered over next 4 months more strikes broke out but the army and freikorps brutually crushed them led to fears on the right that

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