British Values Essay

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Sociology Using a range of examples explain and illustrate the main features of British culture Identify and evaluate the significant agencies of socialisation This essay will outline the explanation of British culture. Features that effect how a culture functions are norms, values and the socialisation process which will also be clarified in the essay. These features will also be assessed in the thesis. The main features of British culture explain how culture alters from one society to another. The agencies of socialisation are identified as families, peer groups, education, and work. The content will also consider theories of socialisation such as functionalists and social action theorists. These too will be evaluated in the thesis. The members of society learning and sharing behaviour are known as culture. Mike O’Donnell (1997) describes culture as “the way of life of a particular society” (P475). You could say that it’s a guide for living. A way of life in a society can include; religion; laws; diet; fashion and other characteristics that are common to members of a particular group or society. It is through culture people as individuals or groups identify themselves: this is how they are being conventional to society’s shared values and to have their own say in society. Culture as a concept is important to sociologists because it holds a society together. Rules, laws and morals guide our behaviours and creates stability and order throughout societies. Morals come from religion and our parents: different kinds of morals differ between social groups. Subculture is a culture within a culture. It shares definite features in relation with the dominant culture, but it also has particular values, norms, attitudes and behaviours that is specific to it. An example of a subculture would be youth subculture. In the late 1960’s hippies were among the
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