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1. Why were the British able to take over India (or the Dutch take over Java) in the 18th century, yet no Western power created a colony in East Asia at that time? It was a convenient combination of factors that allowed the British to take over India. Firstly, The Seven Years’ War provided good reason for military to be deployed across the globe, supplanting its existing forts in the area. The British control of the seas gave them a huge advantage over other nations. Second and probably most important, Britain’s strong commercial interests and trade monopoly in Bengal gave it a powerful e connection to the area which later gave it the resources to conquer the other states. Metcalf and Metcalf describe this as the British use of “military fiscalism,” a Mughal strategy focusing on military concerns in policy formation and financial priorities. The British were able to leverage this strategy to their advantage, claiming deference to the Mughal emperor, using Mughal-developed trade monopolies, deploying a professional infantry, and working closely with financiers such as the Jagat Seths. 2. In either India or Java, give some reasons why company rule was abolished and direct rule by the colonizing state (Crown Raj) was established. The reason for the company rule being abolished was, of course, the 1857 revolt. But what were the causes of the rebellion? Many reasons for the rebellion are suggested by Metcalf and Metcalf (100-101). The ethnic discrepancy between the British officers and their Indian troops was a major cause of the growing discontent among the Bengal Army. Sepoys were unsatisfied with being deployed in Burma, and officials reacted by requiring sepoys to serve wherever posted. Meanwhile, troops felt they were undercompensated. It was widely rumoured that the new rifle was greased with pig or cow fat, and loading rifles required biting the end off

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