British Empire Essay

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During its peak, the British Empire had become the largest empire in the world. Its power dominated the world for over two centuries. Its influence through the ideas of colonialism, imperialism, nationalism and modernisation had stretched all over the globe. This domination brought some good things and inflicted some bad things within its colonies. One of these influences was nationalism. Nationalism is an idea of loyalty and devotion towards a nation. This notion resulted in many colonies gaining independence in the 19th and 20th century. During this period, the ideas of nationalism become widely popular in many parts of the world. With education, civilisation and modernization advancing, this led to colonies fighting for independence. This paper will explore how nationalism ultimately led to colonial resistance in India under Gandhi’s leadership until gaining independence and how the British benefited and inflicted India during its colonial rule. The concept of nationalism is often associated with the idea of a nation. In contrast, nationalism is the loyalty and devotion towards a nation, while a nation is usually group of people with a feeling of common nationality living within defined boundaries of an independent and sovereign state. One may ask how nationalism emerged in India. The British ruled about two thirds of India for at least two centuries. India as one of Britain’s largest colony had profited from which helped to build the British Empire. Since the mid-fifties of the 19th century the ideas of nationalism started emerging visibly as more people got educated, political groups emerging and the colonial rule toward India got harsh. Protests against the British colonial rule started as nationalist movements emerged and the struggle for

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