British Empire Essay

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to what extent has liberalism changed since the last decade? (45) The term liberal has had a wide variety of meaning. It has meant generous but it also became increasingly associated with the ideas of freedom and choice. classical liberalism refers to a tradition that seeks to maximize the realm of constrained individual action, typically by establishing a minimal state. Modern liberalism by contrast, provides a qualified endorsement for social and economic interventions as a means of promoting personal development. The extent to which modern liberals have departed from the ideas of the classics can be debated. Although some say that modern liberals have stayed true to the core liberal beliefs, overall it has made significant departures from classical liberalism. This essay will examine the following themes; freedom, economy and state intervention. Some argue that modern liberals have not departed from the classical liberal beliefs on freedom. This collectively refers to modern and classical unitement on the idea of individual freedom, that every individual is entitled to his/her freedom. However an important change occurs when it comes to the different liberal views; positive freedom and negative freedom. Negative freedom associated by the classical liberals, refers to the absence of extreme restrictions or constrains of the individual allowing freedom of choice. For example, someone having the freedom to take addictive drugs such as heroin without a law or government restrictions on his freedom. Modern liberals on the other hand believe in a more positive freedom. This is where restrictions are held upon individual freedom and defined by Berlin as the ability to be ones own master and to exercise individual sovereignty. Thus although, both liberals unite on the ideas of individual sovereignty, overall modern liberalism could be argued to be an abandonment of

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