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Mitch Meyer Block 4 World History British Empire There were several major contributions to the rise of the British Empire, along with the contributions to the fall. Some major contributions to the rise were the British East India company, their great navy, their settlements in other countries, and also being able to win wars. The British East India company was a crucial part of Britain’s rise. They enhanced trading as well as forming allies with other countries. The trade helped the British navy by allowing them to create better boats by looking at how other countries did it. Gunpowder was being traded also, allowing for their ships to carry better and bigger cannons. They were able to add other foods to their diet as well. The British Navy was extraordinary. At the time of Britain’s rise and when they were the world’s top power, there was hardly a vessel around that could beat a British ship. British ships were faster, bigger, better manned, and better armed than any other country in the world. It wasn’t only their navy though, their army was fabulous. Everybody was well trained and knew how to fight, and win.During the British rise to power Britain just flat out didn’t lose. If they wanted land, they got it. They won the war against France for land in modern day North America. The fall of Great Britain was imminent. There was no way they could control their colonies from so far away. The start of Their fall was when in the modern day New England region, started to revolt. The American’s won. Which started some of the decline of Great Britain’s power. Another thing that aided in Britain’s downfall was the cancellation of the slave trade. Slaves were relied heavily upon in Britain, and when the law prohibited the use of them, I think that added to the crumbling of the

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