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British Computer Society Code Of Conduct Essay

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British Computer Society Code of Conduct
Don Gotterbarn

The British Computer Society sets the professional standards of competence, conduct and ethical practice for computing in the United Kingdom. The Society was incorporated by Royal Charter in July 1984. Employers, clients, members of the public or other professions should expect, and be encouraged to expect, the same standards of competence and conduct from members of The British Computer Society as they expect from recognised members of any other profession such as doctors, lawyers or architects. Professional Institutions maintain this esteem by two principal means. They set standards of technical capability which their members must satisfy, and they prescribe standards of conduct to which their members must conform or be held accountable for any lapse. Both competence and accountability should be the hallmarks of members of a professional institution. The BCS’s contribution to the raising of standards of technical competence in the Information Systems community has been very visible for many years. The Society believes that there should be equal awareness of the accountability of its members not only to possess but to exercise that competence consistently according to high standards of personal integrity. It is for this reason that Council decided not only to have a thorough revision made of the Society’s Code of Conduct to ensure that it remains adequate and relevant to contemporary needs, but to give it widespread publicity so that the public at large know what standards to expect of our members. The new Code is the result of much hard work by the Professional Advisory Committee, who are themselves experienced practitioners who will themselves need to live up to the Code, and are also responsible for the work of others from whom they will expect similar standards. It is also the product of consultation both within and beyond the Information Systems community. It therefore deserves...

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