British Civilisation Essay

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L3 Marketing British Civilization Slavery: from the Abolition of an Unchristian Trade in the UK to Others Forms of Enslavement (1834-2010) I Indentured servants and immigrants: new forms of slavery How the slaves were replaced: Shortage of labour from 1838 onwards => planters encouraged new waves of immigration, especially from India and gave them a new status, which became “indentured servants” (workers whose passage is paid for, providing they promise to work for a number of years (5) for the same estate and for low wages). 1. From slave to indentured servant: a seemingly positive evolution1 Remember that this is the vision exposed in a document, it is only one representation! Definition of indentured servants: The ex-slave population of the West Indies is called “Creoles”. Indentured servants came from India (Madras and Calcutta for example). The first servants arrived in 1846. One of the islands where they imported indentured servants was Trinidad. There were about 16,000 servants at the time. Their nickname was “coolies”. They had to work for the employers for 10 years before they could be free. Facts about indentured servants as presented in the text: They did not work only as field workers. They also worked in farms, or as domestic servants. Employers did not treat them differently from before: they still considered them as slaves and used the same working conditions and punishments. 1 L3 Marketing British Civilization nd 2 semester Indentured servants did not come from Africa, but mostly from India. The colonies paid for the voyage of the servant, and this is why the servant had a debt to pay and had to work for such a long time for their employers. There was a quota imposed on the number of slaves imported. About 25 servants per estate. Planters paid a lot of money to buy indentured servants, because it was
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