British Airways: “Go for It, America!” Promotion (a) Case Study

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LONG-FORM CASE ANALYSIS FORMAT ____________________________________________________________ British Airways: “Go for It, America!” Promotion (A) Case Name Central Issue How can British Airlines stimulate the US travel market and encourage travel to Europe during a time when terrorism has struck fear into many Americans? Recommended Course of Action Utilize sweepstakes and prizes to raise awareness and increase consumption of European travel by American nonusers vacationing from April through October. Basis for Recommendation Financially, the “Go for It, America” promotion makes sense considering the projected ROI is 10-15 times the campaign investment and will help them close the gap on expected losses (Teopaco & Greyser, 1991). Promotions used in this campaign will stimulate positive word-of-mouth and good will feelings towards BA long after summer 1986. Reasonable Alternatives Increase Commissions to the Trade Cut prices to consumers Increase advertising Cut their losses Implement their “Big Idea” promotion of “Go for It, America!” Significant Factors 1. Market climate a. Political b. Environmental (terrorism) 2. Market Perception & Awareness 3. Market Stimulation Discussion Market Climate From the summer of 1985 through the spring of 1986, multiple terrorist attacks targeting Americans in Europe left Americans feeling unsure about the safety of traveling over the “big pond” to European countries. The media around the world did not do its part to calm any fears. Instead, it only increased people’s concerns. On the other hand, the actions of Britain to lend political and physical support during U.S. air strikes against Libya created an opportunity. As the case states, BA had something to “hang their hats on” (Teopaco & Greyser, 1991) They felt that many Americans wanted to express
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