Britian And The War

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With the failure at Dunkirk which saw the successful evacuation of the 300,000 British and French thousand solders from certain slaughter, even though this was seen as the best outcome of a dire situation the British expansionary force left all of their weapons, vehicle and equipment on the shores of northern France. This left Britain unable to fight Germany at all in the European theatre. During this time Britain had its backs against the wall and could only dream about putting upa strong land offensive again and with the surrender of the French army June 22 1940 on the very same train that the armistice treaty was signed back in 1918 a war which again plunged the whole of Europe into war. With this lack of equipment and power behind our army the war efforts for Britia were mainly confined to the battle over the skies of Britain and the war beging waged across th Atlantic as one of Britain's weakness is that it was not self sufficient and had to import allot of its food from America thanks to the lend lease Act which ensured the America would give aid to Britain as long as the British ships and aircraft based in Greenland could keep the German U boats off the backs of the transport which would bring the supplies in Britain. However it was not just the seas that saw the Force of the German military might Hitler had also launched in co ordination with the commander of the Luftwaffe to bomb British air base in a huge bid for air superiority which the Germans needed in order to invade Britain, this had started out with a tactic to bomb the British air fields in an attempt to lure the British fighters up for a large air battle in which the Germans could wipe out all of the British fighters. However frustratingly for the Germans Dowding (Head of fighter command) was able to use radar to stop the German Bombers when they were over England and only send up as many
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