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Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair speech to congress was quite interesting. In critiquing Tony Blair speech I left on a positive note. His speech is toward having freedom with security in the world and the liberty for the people. This is the only way to defend the 21st-century we are now living in. That the mission is today’s world is immediate. Because since 911 the world has dramatically change and America became misunderstood, and now we are at a war that is done by terriosm. Back in the day he talks about how we great nations use to fight it used to be massed armies, and now we are confined by terriost. A place where people who don’t believe in freedom or liberty. A place in the world where as humans we aren’t all free, and this is the bread of terrorism. This is important because he trying to give a clear picture to congress on terrorism. He also describes terrorism as a “wanton destruction”, basically the collapse of everything, economy, people lives, and the basically until societies become theirs. I didn’t like how he switches from terrorism and start talking about America and Europe must together first, and then others will follow. I think the whole United Nations should come together then I think others will follow. He began to talk about Europe and how it can help in the world of terrorism. I thought this was quite interesting because he is trying to combine how Europe can be some help in the war on terror. He also says that in order to defeat terrorism that there has to be peace in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine. That in the end if we come together as the “the world’s heart being one”, that American can be the dominating force anymore that they have listen and

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