Britain’s Industrial Revolution Essay

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In the process of industrialization and urbanization Britain had an early start. Britain’s many innovations drove it to one of the world’s greatest and powerful countries. Britain was the driving force behind one of history’s most significant periods of economic and social change. The industrial revolution was a critical turning point in human history and if it had not taken place in Europe than it wouldn’t have been possible for other countries to follow and borrow from (William Burns 1). The industrial revolution of Britain brought forth a new age in economics, social life and technology. The origins of Britain’s industrial revolution can date back to the late 1700s in Western Europe that began with the textile industry with cotton. The impact of the textile industry was tremendous on Britain’s work force, agricultural, population size, government and economics. The work force of Britain nearly doubled in a short period of time. Since there was there was a huge demand on cotton, a plethora of new cotton farms were opened across the country. Britain was producing more cotton than the country could buy (William Burns). Wool in Britain was also in huge demand, so much so that Britain began converting its agricultural land into sheep pastures (William Burns 5). Since people were investing and buying cotton, Britain’s economy sky rocketed and become one of the world’s strongest and wealthiest. Even in the first half of the eighteenth century there were portents of change in the textile industries In the late 1750’s Britain’s Industry was more rural rather than urban, it had moved from small towns in the countryside to big cities were seaports, river ports, and warehouses were close at hand(Ashton T.S 48). Britain’s forms of industrialization were among the first of its kind establishing new factory systems with the division of labor and the development of efficient

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