Britain and World War Ii Essay

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Britain and World War II [pic] In this module you will study: • The Phoney War • Evacuation • Dunkirk • The Battle of Britain • The Blitz • Conscription • The Battle of the Atlantic • D-Day • Censorship and Propaganda • Internment • The role of Women in the War • Rationing |The Phoney War |Source A | | |3 Sept: 827,000 children and 535,000 | |Dawn: This Phoney war gets on my nerves. If we’re going to have a war, I wish |pregnant mothers have been evacuated from| |they’d get it started. |the towns to the country. | |Mum: Just ignore her. |4 Sept: a Nazi U-boat sinks the SS Athena| |Hope and Glory |– 112 passengers died. | | |9 Sept: RAF drops 12 million propaganda | |By the end of September, Germany and Russia had defeated Poland. Everyone expected |leaflets on Germany. | |Hitler to attack western Europe with his ‘blitzkrieg’ tactics, but nothing happened |15 Sept: the first convoy sets sail from | |(indeed, on 6 October, Hitler offered peace). |Canada. | |Meanwhile, Britain and France made no effort to attack Hitler. A British |22 Sept: petrol rationing. | |Expeditionary Force of four divisions – 158,000 men with 25,000 vehicles – left for |30
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