Bring Back Flogging

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Essay Review: Disappointed by “Flogging” The general concept of Jeff Jacoby’s “Bring Back Flogging” is for the essay to serve as the collective voice of many people on the topic of corporal punishment, especially those who work in law enforcement. He points out how a move toward corporal punishment would bring tremendous change for Americans; those changes ranging form the state of the economy to the colossal and still mounting problem of the 250% increase of incarcerated persons since 1980 (para. 3, line 9). I strongly agree with the idea to bring back corporal punishment. In fact, the only thing in Jacoby’s essay I did not concur with was the way Jacoby offered the argument. For a terrain I feel so strongly about, I was surprised to find I literally had to consciously remind myself to pay attention. It felt more like an assigned reading project rather than a piece I willingly chose to study and analyze. The Old English quotations in paragraph one, (“fifteen stripes Severally to be laid upon her naked back at the Common Whipping post.”) although somewhat comical, were demeaning to the overall air of the proposal. The other reflections of history provided, such as how Delaware did not repeal their corporal punishment laws until 1972, were colorful and interesting but were too abundant for such a short composition. Americans are selfish content readers; they want to know: “What does that have to do with me?” Although dusting off the roots of an argument is always intriguing, the thesis would be more compelling if more facts, resources and statistics were provided on how a move toward corporal punishment would affect us now. Flogging has some hit and miss moments throughout the piece. Jacoby constructed some compelling lines in his essay. For example, pointing out “Imprisonment has become our penalty of choice…for crimes violent and nonviolent…” is a brilliant
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