Bring Back Flogging

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“Bring Back Flogging” What is flogging? Flogging is to be beaten with a whip or stick especially as punishment. Flogging started back before we can remember. Jeff Jacoby wrote this essay to show his opinion that flogging might have some good effects on today's criminals and to give facts about flogging in the twenty-first century. Over time we have adopted and kept the expensive sentencing of imprisonment. One thing that people dispute between flogging and imprisonment is the cost; flogging obviously is inexpensive while imprisonment is costly. Another item that is mentioned in this essay is that people used to be afraid of capital punishment. But now it would almost be better for criminals. Lets just ask the question. Would you rather be whipped which the pain only lasts a few days maybe a week or would you like to be locked away in prison for 10 years? The obvious answer would be whipped. At least that’s what I would rather have happen. Let’s get back to the first point that flogging is a time honored tradition dating back to 1632, which is one of the earliest recollections of flogging. When a man named Richard Hopkins was flogged and branded with a hot iron because he was selling arms and gunpowder to the Indians. Another immense example that was stated in this essay was in 1684 when Joseph Gatchell was convicted of blasphemy he was ordered “to stand in pillory, have his head and hand put in and have his toung drawne forth out of his mouth, and pierced through with a hott iron.” Now the second one is not considered flogging but corporal punishment. There is a difference between corporal punishment and flogging but flogging can be thrown into the same category. Corporal punishment which is the same as capital punishment is more of torture, lethal injection, and the electric chair. Which being whipped or beaten can be used for torture and that’s why it can be
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