Bring Back Flogging

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Response of the Article “Bring Back Flogging” In the article “Bring Back Flogging,” Jeff Jacoby thinks that people should readopt the corporal punishment, and he wants to convince readers to agree with his claims. Instead of locking offenders in the prison, Jacoby believes that a humiliating and painful punishment has more aware value, and it is more effective. Also, he shows his claims about the flaws of imprisonment such as the limited spaces of prisons, psychology of criminals and the violence between inmates. Jacoby tried to persuade readers that public punishment can be better than imprisonment. When most casual readers first skimmed over this article, they might be impressive because they browsed Jeff Jacoby’s essay without thinking and with no doubt. The careless readers might also unconsciously agree with his opinions since his argument seems strong and logical. However, if they read the article again and again with second thought carefully, they will find out that his claim is doubtful since Jacoby uses too much pathos, does not give proper statistics, and lack of giving contrary contend. Although Jeff Jacoby shows many disadvantages and flaws of imprisonment to convince readers of his side, he presents some statements based on his emotion without thinking objective. So, I should argue that Jacoby uses too many his own feelings about the dissatisfaction of imprisonment, which makes his claim weak and not credible. For instance, Jacoby states that “the criminal is out of control.” Yes, it might be a strong and persuasive way to get reader’s attention or even agreement, but it is not impersonal, and it is the claim based on his complaint, dissatisfaction and anger. It is inappropriate that reader can only feel his anger and dissatisfaction about the imprisonment. After all, Jacoby thinks “the criminal is out of control” is not a well-known fact. If

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