Briefly Describe the Part Played by Monasteries in Medieval Medicine

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Briefly describe the part played by monasteries in medieval medicine (5) The monasteries put a lot of work into having clean water. They were often built near rivers so they could use the water to wash away waste and to give themselves clean drinking water. They stayed healthy because of the clean water so, they could study medicine in their spare time, in case they became ill. Briefly describe the main medical treatments used by doctors in the Middle Ages. (5) Medicines in the Middle Ages were made from herbs, spices and resins. The medicine was applied in drinks, pills, washes, baths, rubs and ointments. They used sweet-smelling herbs such as rose, lavender, sage, and bay. They did very basic surgery like removing bladder stones. Medieval surgeons also realised how to use wine as an antiseptic Why did the Ancient Greeks make more progress in medicine than people in the Middle Ages? Explain your answer (8) Religion had a massive hinder in the middle ages because they believed God caused illness, so they wouldn’t look for other cause. So they couldn’t improve on treatments, as God sent the illness, all you had to do was pray. Then you would be cured. They also believed Galen was right, so there was no need to find other cures. So nobody tried to find out more about the body, they just accepted Galen’s theories. How did people in the Middle ages explain the Black Death? (7) (2010) Medieval people had many theories about what caused the Black Death. Many thought that it was sent from God; maybe as a punishment for their sins (this caused the Flagellants- people who whipped themselves, and thought this would take away their Planets were also blamed. Many other groups, such as the Jews, were also blamed. Jews and other minority groups were killed in some villages. Bad smells in the air are just some of the other things that medieval people blamed the Black
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