Brief Summary: The Life Of William Ellison

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Born in 1790 by a slave mother, probably on his owner’s plantation about forty miles of the High Hills, William Ellison’s life began just like any other slave born children at that time. Before I start talking about the main essay question I’d like to give a little bit of history of Ellison’s life and how it made him so successful among other Negroes. In the early 19th century when slavery in the South Carolina was tremendously expending, every child that was born from a slave mother was automatically a slave and a master’s property. It is believed that Ellison’s father was a white man by the name Robert Ellison, therefore William was a mulatto. Robert Ellison was a master himself and had owned quite a few slaves at that time, but William Ellison was definitely the most talented of them. Because of…show more content…
This is how. Each day William Ellison cultivated his personal relationships with powerful white men. To make sure that he follows the correct relationships and does not represent a threat to white ideology, Ellison would do lots of great and loyal things for his customers. One of the examples of his loyalty was at the time when his business had experienced competition. When other white gin businessmen entered the market, Ellison had to lower his prices and deliver even better and faster services to his customers. He had to do that just so the whites wouldn’t think that Ellison is trying to rip them or being competitive with other white businessmen. Another example of his loyalty was at the time when Ellison accidentally overcharged one of his customers and had to drive a long distance just to return that insufficient amount of money. In other words because Ellison was a Negro, who worked in a white man’s trade, he had to do everything possible to show that he was a good, loyal man of color that didn’t represent any threat to their white
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