Brief Summary Of 'The Canterbury Tales'

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The Canterbury Tales: Final Project Raven Gonzalez English/Period 3 February 16, 2013 Prologue: Anthony Knight was a caring young man, and was always willing to help with whatever he could. He joined the military straight out of high school, in honor of his father he'd fend for the cruel. When he finished with the military he took a test, to become an FBI Agent and he did the best. He was a good looking man with sparkling blue eyes and dark brown hair, who's complexion was not to light or dark but quite fair. Anthony Knight was sweet, humble, and easy going, and things went well around him…show more content…
It was a hockey player he always wanted to be, ever since his dad started teaching him it at the age of three. One day while flipping through the channels of his television, he saw a show playing, giving him a new inspiration. In the show was an agent and his forensic partner solving crimes, Anthony loved the show and so finally made up his mind. Tale: It was another normal day at the FBI headquarters, until the chief said "everyone, drop your folders!" It had finally come, the game of year, the annual USSS vs. FBI hockey game was near. The hockey game was the 15th annual charity event, and a children's charity would receive every dollar the guests spent. Last year the event raised its most money ever, And this year they hoped to do even better. It was here and thee teams were getting their gear on, in the locker rooms of the ice rink ready to have fun. After a few minutes, they got in the rink. The proceedings of the event were not fully what you'd think. There were ten minutes left of the game, FBI were down by one but still not a shame. Anthony got the puck and slapped it straight in the

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