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Shadricka Thompson December 12, 2011 African American History I HIST 221 A To me the author has really emphasized no to give up on your dream. There were many sacrifices that African Americans have made it out poverty. Through all the negative statistics and discrimination black economic empowerment has continued to overcome and survive depression, recession, and recovered. African Americans were the most integral part of the economic history of our nation by creating economic growth and development in ways that were not acknowledge by white society. A few major points are: How Mr. Frank known as Free Frank a saltpeter minims and production operation owner bought his own freedom then bought sixteen other family members as well as founded the town of Philadelphia, Illinois in 1836. How black entrepreneur were fur trappers or George Bonga of Duldo, Minnesota was an interpreter in the signing of the Chippewa Treaty of 1837 and independent entrepreneur who traded and…show more content…
She told every detail about each situation and gave reliable informational facts that other history books left out. Her book gave more than just Black economical fact. She gave them their recognition, because they didn’t get it in the main books or maybe the major black historic museums. I found out by reading some facts that my hometown in Mississippi is a couple of miles away from the W.H. Jefferson Funeral Home, which is the oldest African-American business in the state of Mississippi. I being a young reader found that to be an interesting fact. I like the book, because it is something that I would keep for children in the future to read. This book discusses titles and themes that you can’t even find in the average history text book, which is not a good thing because then the students will not get the full and correct information about that time

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