Brief Summary Of Killings 'By Sourdi'

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Essay Questions Killings Q: What motivates a person to seek revenge? A: People do not like to feel “one down”. In other words, they don’t like to be victims of another person’s cruel or hurtful words or behavior. It makes them feel helpless. One way to overcome this feeling of helplessness when they feel wronged is to get “even”. They may not have control over what the other person said or did to them but they have a feeling of control in the midst of their vengeful act, Another reason a person may do a violent vengeful act is to get attention when he feels disregarded or treated insignificantly. Many of these acts occur between people who know each other very well including intimate partners. The biggest theme throughout the story was revenge.…show more content…
Sourdis personality was very passive unlike her sister’s aggressive and active personality. For example, at the restaurant in the beginning of the story, she let a random man out his arm around her even though she felt distressed. Her sister, having the more aggressive personality did not hesitate to stab the man in the arm in protection of her sister. Another example is when Sourdi’s mom basically forced her to marry Mr. Chhay and not Duke because Mr. Chhay was rich. Although it all depends on the situation, I manage to make things happen and not wait for the “flow” to take control of what goes on in my life. It’s a dog eat dog world, people will hurt anyone for their own benefit and a person shouldn’t let anyone walk over them. The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky Q: How does our society today compare to the society in The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky? A: At the end of the short story, Jack refuses to fight Scratchy. One difference is that when jack tells Scratchy that he had gotten married, Scratchy was in shock and backed off without a fight. That shows how marriage was valued during their time. With today’s high divorce rates, marriage doesn’t seem to be valued as high as it was. The “wild west” was becoming more civilized and that is represented by Scratchy and Jack’s conflict. The conflict also represents the dramatic shift in many different areas in today’s society

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