Brief Summary Of 'Grayson' By Lynne Cox

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Grayson is an incredible and breathtaking autobiographical narrative; written by Lynne Cox. The book chronicles the amazing journey Cox takes while going on her normal swim to Catalina Island. Lynne Cox tells the story of her miraculous ocean encounter that happened when she was seventeen and training for a big swim. She tells her real life tale about being in the Pacific ocean with an abandoned baby whale that strayed from his mother while migration to Baja, Mexico. The characters change in this story which takes place in only five hours change drastically. In the story Grayson ,17-year-old Lynn Cox is the protagonist; who helps the baby whale get to his mother. The antagonist of the story is mother nature who stops the two whales from…show more content…
In the sentence , “I feel their pulse of life racing through their bodies” not only means moving through them but it means it’s happening rapid pace. Another example is when Cox describes the sensation of sand in a swimsuit rubbing against her like sandpaper, she is describing physical pain and numbness she feels. Cox describes the sunrise as a giant eye opening but she is talking about the shape. She describes the whales dimples like golf balls because of there form and contour. She describes the whale’s hair like the whiskers of a cat, since they are same thickness and shape. Purple and black oysters under the pier will rip your skin up like a cheese grater due to the fact that they have sharp bumps. Lynn Cox describes the sun as liquid as it’s rays and colors flow around her. As the wind funnels through the waves she describes the noises like wind instruments. As she follows Grayson’s footprints, his fluke would create the prints tin the sea as he swam. Grayson’s skin felt like mushroom because of its rubbery and semi bumpy texture. He jumps out of the water and his body forms a log. Underwater noises coming from every direction sounded like rush-hour in Times Square New York

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