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Brief Summary Of Animal Farm

  • Submitted by: Jakealicious
  • on May 22, 2011
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Animal Farm Summary
In the beginning, Old Major calls all of the animals to meet in the barn after the farmer goes to sleep. He told them about a dream he had where there are no humans around and the animals are free to do whatever they want. He then sings a song called “Beasts of England” and this motivates all of the animals. Old Major then dies three days later, and three other pigs take over. The pigs are named Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer. They take control and form their own personal government called “Animalism”. Shortly after, they fight Mr. Jones (the farmer) and scare him away, leaving all of the land to themselves. Then they rename the farm to “Animal Farm,” thus progressing in their dream of a human-free world.
Mr. Jones comes back to take back the farm and the animals fight him again in “The Battle of the Cowshed.” They then defeat Mr. Jones (again) and send him packing. The pigs are making sure the farm runs smoothly by taking charge. Snowball teaches all of the animals to read and comprehend. Meanwhile Napoleon “claims” to help by taking in young puppies to teach them his ways. Napoleon and Snowball continue to fight each other for control, and they eventually have a meeting about building a windmill that makes electricity. Snowball has a good argument that had a lot of heart; meanwhile, Napoleons argument was significantly inferior. But Napoleon cheats and sends the nine dogs after Snowball and Snowball flees from the farm. Napoleon has essentially taken control of the farm. But then, he decides to build the windmill anyways.
Boxer (being the incredibly loyal, but dimwitted character he is) decides to dedicate everything he has to building the windmill. But after all of his hard work, it falls over, and Napoleon blames it on Snowball, even though he isn’t there. Napoleon is starting to become a tyrant of sorts, punishing those against him with death. He then starts trading with humans and sleeping in the house on a bed, while all of the...

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