Brief Introduction on James Balwin

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Brief Introduction on James Balwin (1924—1987) James was born in a poor family in the blacktown in NY. He had 8 little brothers and sisters. He self-educated himself and wrote a short story on Spanish revolution at 12, from then on, he began to write songs and playwrite. He began to sermon as a pastor in church as his father wished at 14. When 17, he left the church and claimed that he had seen though the hypocrisy of religion and he no longer believe in religion. However, this experience brought him a great influence, which reflected in his writing. He later worked as a waiter and servant in the so called Industrial World, and wrote book review and essay in sparetime. In 1944, he met Richard Wright, a man who helped and encouraged him to write. 1948,he left for Europe and Paris, after Wright. 1n 1957, the little Rock Incident broke out. As a writer, he thought the government should be blamed. Then he was back to America to write and fight for the human right of the black. He had written many works on how racial discrimination and ways of black liberation. His works, Go Tell It on the Mountain, Native Son and Invisible Man became the paradigms of the black literature during 1940s to 1950s. James was a real essential writer, who is a connecting link between the preceding and the following, in the development of black literature after the World War

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