Brief Functions of American Government Essay

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The Final: Written Exam Carlos Bureaucracy is a system of organization and control that is based on three key principles which are Hierarchical authority, job specification, and formalized rules. Bureaucracy is the most ideal and efficient system to use in terms of getting people to work in large groups. A bureaucracy follows a hierarchical system where the officials and the units at the top of the bureaucracy have authority over the people in the middle. Those in the middle then have control of the bottom of the system. Each employee has a specifically defined job position and division of labor within the organization. Today groups like EPA and AMTRACK are two modern agencies: one cares for our environment and the other takes over management of our rail ways, respectively. We also use our federal bureaucracy to manage our national postal service. Lastly, we can use the method of bureaucracy to watch over our forests, control and administer social security, and to maintain our national defense systems. What makes us Political thinkers? Even those Americans who do not participate in voting even during the Presidential elections still have their political beliefs and ideas and often times choosing not to vote is just as effective as voting. So how did we become political thinkers? Well starting at an early age we were slowly molded into what we are today through the process of political socialization. This process can be split into two forms which are either the Primary or Secondary agents of political socialization. Primary agents like family and school have influences that last a life time. Most American children end up Democrats or Republicans because of their parents, and these children’s personal reasons for why they chose that party normally comes later in life through experience and school. The family’s influence on the young child,

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