Brief Biography Of Ben Franklin: The Prince Of America

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Ben Franklin: The Prince of America He started out small. In his younger years, he was very much working class. And as he got older he became in charge of a printing shop. And as a successful business owner would, he decided to branch out into different partnerships. One such partnership was with one of his journeymen, whom he sent to Charleston, South Carolina. That journeyman wasn’t a dishonest man, he was just lousy at book-keeping. And so he almost ran the Charleston branch of the business into the ground. After the journeyman’s death, the wife took over and ran the Charleston branch until the son was old enough to assume control, the widow having turned the business around completely while teaching her son how to man it. And from…show more content…
A younger Ben Franklin established the first public library in 1731. Then in 1736 he organized the Philadelphia Union Fire company, modeled after the Fire Company in Boston. Then, seeing that the city needed a well armed militia, he went on and established that too. ( With the help of his organizations.) He even went to the New York Colony and talked to the governor there about securing cannons for the defense of Philadelphia, and at first the governor said no. then after much drinking and talking, he managed to get the governor to agree to sending eighteen cannons to help the newly formed militia. The militia, rightly looking up to Ben Franklin, quickly made him a colonel and in command of the militia. And Ben Franklin, rightly knowing his abilities and limitations, took the position in name only but often tried to find other men better suited to the tasks of military leadership. He was no military expert and he knew it. Some men might think him a coward, saying he was afraid of military service. But he was no coward. When it was his turn for guard duty, he stood guard with the common soldiers when it was his duty to do
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