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Week 5 Business Brief Purpose To assess your ability to discuss how quality can differ from a customer's perspective and an organization's perspective and how those differences may impact the business. Overview What do you think of when you think of a Steinway piano? A very pricey, hand-crafted object of beauty comes to mind for many people. However, Steinway also uses automation to produce the action mechanisms, a critical assembly in the grand pianos. Action Items 1. Read Managerial Practice 5.1 in Operations Management and the discussion of Steinway's approach to achieving top quality. 2. View the following U-tube video that provides a factory tour of the the Steinway Piano Factory to get a better idea of a craft-oriented production process. 3. Write a two-page business brief to your professor that discusses the following. Format your business brief according to the MBA Business Brief Guidelines. a. What you think of the use of automated equipment given the overall image of a Steinway grand piano. b. If you think it is a mistake to use automation in this way. Discuss use of automation at Steinway and the impact on image dISCUSS MERIT OF EMPLOYING AUTOMATION Below is a free essay on "Automation of Steinway Piano Production" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. TO: Professor FROM: Student RE: Automation of Steinway piano production Steinway’s reputation among consumers is unparalleled in the piano industry. The quality of Steinway pianos is directly attributed to the craftsmanship of the piano by skilled artisans and tradesmen. However, Steinway is also a corporation that must provide returns on investment, and it has recently embraced automation in its production. There is no evidence that this compromises quality. In fact, automation might actually improve
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