Bridging the Generation Gap Essay

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Bridging The Generation Gap Since time immemorial, wisdom and age were closely related terms . Age was respected for its wisdom. But today , especially with the advent of technology in the last two decades, the younger generation makes the old obsolete in record time. This referred to as generation gap is much more evident and clearly here to stay. The generation gap affects not just grandparents but increasingly parents as well. Rapid technological changes and automation has made it almost impossible for any but the very young to adapt fast enough. With age, response time goes up as inertia of rest sets in and before one realises and tries to delve into it, technology overtakes, and the seniors (parents and grandparents) are left with no option but carry on with their old ways. Technology along with economic abundance has impacted the social values of the young to produce a pampered, overzealous generation, robotic in their thoughts, words and action . The younger generation find themselves confident beyond their chronological age, and look out for opportunities that can lead them to money, glamour and fame. Unfortunately however, as far as legal and social definitions go, they still come under the ‘teenager category’ and subject to discipline by concerned authorities. And so the stage is all set for conflict. The last few years has seen a tremendous transition in teenager’s lifestyles, and so has consumerism and materialism. The teenager of today is no longer content with living life on a modest budget, adhere to traditions, seek advice from elders or lead a disciplined life as his/her parents and grandparents did. He/she is aggressive, arrogant, likes to live life on his/her terms and wants to enjoy life's luxuries to the hilt. On the positive side, he/she is willing to work hard to achieve his/her aims but on the negative side, the

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