Bridging the Generation Gap Essay

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Bridging the Generation Gap The life of Alfredo Diaz was dramatically changed after he was forced by his family to drop out of school. His education got him to the 7th grade. Alfredo only got to the 7th grade because his father died in the year 1931, and was named the man of the house being the oldest male in his immediate family. He was very upset with the responsibility that he had to take over, he had one brother who was 4 at the time and four sisters, three of his sisters were 2, 7, 9 and then there was the oldest sister who was 15 but her parents had already married her off to a 24 year old man. When Alfredo’s dad passed he was to support his family and be in charge of marring of his sisters to good man that would also help him financially. Alfredo’s mom did all the house work in order for Alfredo to run his father’s business. Something that really surprised me about Alfredo was the fact that he was very happy with his life, not putting into points all that he had to suffer. One major detail that he shared with me was that exactly 3 days before his father passed away he gave Alfredo a hug. That was the first hug that Alfredo’s father had every given him. He told me that sometimes when he is very upset or misses his family, he starts to think about his family and the first and final hug he got from his dad. Know that I think about it the saying “You never now what you have until you lose it” and it is true. I know realize that having your family around to help and support you can really make a difference where you end up in life. If my education stopped in the 7th grade, I would not be able to write a proper essay and be able to pursue my dream of becoming a sports medicine doctor. When exchanging interesting facts with Alfredo he mentioned that he left his home of Argentina when he was 18 to look for a better life. He wanted his family to have

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