Bridging the Gap Essay

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Today, cross-culture play an important role in the world, especially in global economy.Warren Troob argues in Bridging the gap, Business Review Quarterly that people always break their cross-cultural communication with contrast instead of understanding them and creating many opportunities for their business by having common mistakes.Firstly, he points out that people take their habits to evaluate others’ culture and overgeneralise people from one culture are similar.Moreover, people always assume that their actions are always best and right so, they look others’ differently.Secondly, Troob indicates that cross-cultural communication is too challenging, and it is also unregarded widely. This critical response argues that Troob’s argument that people think they always do the best and natural ways and overgeneralization are weak point, whereas, his position that people think they do not need to learn culture and its difficulties are strong. Firstly, the author implies that people look others quite strange because they assume they do the best and natural. Furthermore, people from one cultures are the same. In fact, all cultures in the world share some similar aspects that why people always think that they are the best. There are only few countries have the different meaning from another. Troob shows the smile as an example but, actually, smile is just smile which basic meaning that people are happy. People diversify smile meaning only based on situation not because of different culture. For instance, people nog the the head when they agree with someone or they are convinced by someone but in Greece, head nodding is refusing, disagreement. It is obvious that people are taught the common ways to be polite, gentle with others so all cultures have a lot of similarities. Only a few countries have the ambitious and of course people can’t know everything and maybe they

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