Bridget Bishop: The Salem Witch

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Bridget Bishop The Salem Witch trials of 1692 were a time of harvested hatred and anger in the eyes of the Puritans. Witch craft is historically dated back evolving into a practice as early as prehistoric man. Witch craft is now known and commonly viewed as a religion solely based on Earth and Nature, not the devil (Britannica 351). In the time of the medieval Middle Ages, witchcraft was a practice of harmful magic associated with the devil and evil spirits. The most renowned American witch hunt began in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. There, a group of village girls became fascinated with practicing witchcraft views, but their games eventually got out of hand. They began to act strangely and out of character, uttering weird sounds and screaming…show more content…
Her personality was colorful and her behavior was known to be quite wild, something which was not widely acceptable in the Puritan society in which Salem was based. Women were expected to act and behave in a certain manor, and anything outside this standard was greatly frowned upon. Women must act very polite and rather quite. They did not have much say in the world outside the household. Finding someone outside the home to behave in such a boisterous manner was suspicious…show more content…
She was found with proof of having Indian voodoo dolls in which she stored in her basement. Bishop initially had hired some workers to fix her cellar wall which was caving in. But while they were there, they came upon some unusual evidence of her black magic. There were suspicious markings and engravings on the walls in paint and what appeared to be blood. Also, while they were fixing the problem, they found more voodoo dolls which had pins been stuck in them, while some others were missing heads. This testimony was also later held against her in her trial (Hansen 38). On April of 1692, a court summons finally went out for the wanting of Sarah Bishop on account of sundry acts of witchcraft. Sarah Bishop was sought out by the police of Salem and arrested. Given her rights, she was treated as all others that went before her. The only thing separating her from the rest was her femininity. Sarah Bishop became history in the making, for she was the first woman ever to be arrested, tried, and hanged as a result of her witch craft beliefs

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