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Is The Michigan Bridge Card Getting Into The Right Hands? As the economy has its ups and downs, more people are turning to government assistance programs in time of need. It’s a great tool for the government to help, but I do wonder if the food benefit system is being abused? The Michigan Bridge Card is a program to assist in the needs of food items for families or individuals that fit in the income guidelines. As families keep struggling to survive, I think there is a need to give a more thorough investigation by the Department of Human Services, reason being there are many individuals who are in need as well as individuals who are taking advantage of the system. The food stamps have been around for over 70 years and were designed to…show more content…
Most of these people receive benefits by claiming they are in between housing right now, or give the Department of Human Service paychecks for weeks where they might have only worked a few hours. I have noticed that the students with a Bridge Card feel they earned bragging rights and are proud instead of embarrassed. If you have been to the checkout lately at the grocery store, majority of college age students have the cart packed with all sorts of unhealthy goodies. Swiping like a debit card makes it easy to let others not authorized to use their food benefit card. This leads to exchanging benefits for cash or other items in return for the use of the card. In most cases families that are in need and struggling are receiving aid from the state. “The Food Stamp Program pumped over $896 million into the Michigan economy last year, resulting in approximately $1.649 billion of economic activity in the state, with direct impact on farmers, grocers, and small businesses in the state”. The Michigan farmers association is working closely with the farmers markets to make the availability to purchase healthy fruits, vegetables easier for all card

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