The Brideshead Revisited

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I went and saw the movie “The Brideshead Revisited.” The movie is about a man named Charles Ryder who is an artist that goes to school at Oxford University in London. There he meets a gay man named Lord Sebastian who becomes Charles’ best friend. Sebastian takes Charles to his family’s mansion, Brideshead, where Charles meets the rest of Sebastian’s family. Charles spends the rest of the summer with Sebastian at Brideshead; they form something between a friendship and a romance. There at Brideshead Charles meets Sebastian’s sister Julia and he secretly falls in love with her. During the summer Sebastian, Charles and Julia all go to visit Sebastian and Julia’s father Lord Marchmain in Italy. Lord Marchmain is a former Catholic who turned atheist after divorcing his wife, Lady Marchmain. Lady Marchmain is a stern Catholic who rules over the house with a strong hand, enforcing her Catholic morality on all of her children. Eventually Sebastian finds out about Charles’ infatuation with Julia, he is outraged and turned in to a full-blown alcoholic. He finds greater comfort in alcohol than his religion; he begins to drift away from the family over a two year period. Sebastian eventually flees to Morocco where his alcoholism ruins his health and life. Years go by and Julia eventually marries a very wealthy Catholic man named Rex just as her mother insisted. Julia never disobeyed her mother’s strict orders about Catholicism. Charles marries as well but eventually runs into Julia while they both were on a cruise ship. They began forming their own relationship together finally. Both plan to divorce their spouses so they can marry each other. Right as Julia and Charles are leaving Brideshead to go start their lives together Julia’s father Lord Marchmain returns in order to die in his home. Since the separation of Lord Marchmain and his wife he has been

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