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The Bridegroom The Eastern culture is different from the Western one on society and people obviously. We often want to learn how society affects on the way people thinking about in Asian countries. The Bridegroom written by Ha Jin is a good example for the Western readers who have a chance to take a journey back to contemporary China by showing conflicts between the value of the society and individual preference. They were reflected in the story through the relationship between the bride, her groom and the bride’s adopted father. Beina, the bride in Ha Jin story, was an orphan girl adopted by her father’s close friend. She was not only lack of family’s love and care but also was unattractive when she grew up. Her adopted father, who was the narrator of the story as well, described Beina like “short, homely, timid and quiet” person (443). He worried/doubted if she would “end up as an old maid” (443) when she reached 23 already without a boyfriend. That point of view sounds strange to the readers; however, it was typical in China’s society. It reflects erroneous custom existed for a long time. For instance, every single Chinese girl had to get married at very young age to give born to children and take care of their husbands and family if they do not want the society to judge them like odd people. Obviously, Beina was not an exception. Not just because she was afraid that no one loves her as she was getting older, but she also desires an own family, a love to fulfill her lonely heart. That is why she agreed to marry Hwang Baowen- the “dream boat” in her factory. That detail surprised the readers a lot. We wonder why the perfect man like Baowen could marry Beina while she had nothing special, and whether her wishes do actually come true after this marriage. Moreover, Beina was not pregnant during eight months when they were living together, which increased more

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