Bricklaying Level 3 3003 Essay

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Unit 3003 1. Sustainable Materials Materials | Sustainability | Where They May be Used | Polystyrene | * Petroleum-based Product * Can Be recycled * Pollution caused through manufacture * High Insulation properties | This product is mainly used as packaging for many different products | Polyurethane | * Made From Volatile organic compounds that damage the environment * Often turned into foams * Gives off harmful chemicals when burned * Disposal issues: if the foam catches fire, it causes pollution and produces carcinogenic gases | Polyurethane sealants are used to fill gaps thereby preventing air and water leakage. They are also used in conjunction with inorganic insulation, such as Rockwool or ceramic fibres, for fire stopping. | Softwood | * Can Be Recycled into other products * A managed resource that can be grown over and over again * Provides a pollution filter, takes in carbon dioxide and produces oxygen * A natural green product * Require treatment to prevent rot | Can be Used for many things. And Made into different things | Hardwood | * Forms part of a tropical rainforest * Intensively felled * Takes a longer time to re-grow the softwood * Expensive resource | As Above | Concrete | * Cement production causes Co2 emissions * Disposal issues – can only be crushed and used as hard-core * Hardwearing with a long lifespan * Relies on a lot of formwork and flasework | Mass concrete structures: These large structures typically include gravity dams, such as the Hoover Dampre-stressed concrete structures: Pre-stressed concrete is a form of reinforced concrete that builds in compressive stresses during construction to oppose those found when in use Concrete textures: concrete can be cast and moulded into different textures and used for decorative concrete applications | Common Brick | * Manufacture

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