Bribery Essay

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To what extent do you agree that bribery is immortal? Academic Reading and Writing Course EWR 1211 Yelena Bitsenko 28 February 2010 Outlines To what extent do you agree that bribery is immortal? Thesis statement: Although nowadays bribery is perceived as a part of people’s mentality, and it’s very difficult to make it disappear, it is possible at least to reduce its level. First of all, all people around the world are concerned about the problem of bribery. 1) failures in economy 2) increased indignation of people Secondly, more and more laws, strict regulations and anti-corruption movements are brought to control bribery. 1) anti-bribery Convention 2) anti-corruption campaigns However, people still argue about its urgency, because bribery is perceived by them as a common thing, it’s convenient for them, and everyone at least once resorted to it. 1) corrupted mentality 2) convenient solution of problems To what extent do you agree that bribery is immortal? With the development of almost every country’s economic and financial domain, it is becoming more difficult to bring the increasing corruption under control, or at least find the way to avoid it. According to Transparency International CPI (Corruption Perception Index) statistics in 2009: more than 100 countries have index lower than 5, what means that corruption level there is high. CPI is giving the results of 13 independent surveys showing the countries of the world according to the degree to which corruption is perceived to exist among public officials and politicians. Bribery is a subject about which people hold strongly contrasting views, depending on person’s position in relation to bribery: being involved in it,

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